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Commercial Law

Business Sales and Purchases;

Our firm acts for Buyers and Sellers of businesses both small and large. We have had active involvement in many multi-million-dollar business transactions.

We draw upon its many years of expertise to provide the depth of services needed in these types of transactions to ensure that both Buyers’ and Sellers’ interests are protected and pursued throughout their transactions.

We work with our clients’ financial¬† and other advisors to establish structures most appropriate to our clients’ interests. We advise upon and prepare all background agreements necessary for the protection of our clients’ interests into the future.

Business Start-ups including Trusts and other Structures

We access the latest documentation to put into effect appropriate structures associated with a business start-up, including necessary for any structure in the start-up of business including the preparation of Shareholders/Unit Holders Deeds, Discretionary Trust Deeds, Unit Trusts Deeds, Confidentiality Agreements, Employee Agreements, Contracts of Employment as well as associated documents with the creation and administration of the roles of Directors, Chief Executive Officers and Shareholders.

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